Why Finding a Supportive Doctor is Essential to Your Long-Term Disability Appeal

How Poor Medical Support Can Impact Your Claim

A letter from a doctor stating that you are disabled will not be enough to help you win your long-term disability case. In order to be effective, the information provided by your doctor must be specific about the limitations and restrictions you have because of your disabilities. Not tying a diagnosis to specific limitations and restrictions will be ineffective and cost you a favorable decision in your long-term disability claim.

The type of documentation that is used to provide medical information in disability cases is called a Medical Source Statement. It details exactly what you cannot do because of your disabilities. For example, you might miss a certain number of days of work, have a limit to how much weight you can lift, or side effects from medications might limit your ability to do your job. It’s important that your physician knows how to complete this assessment correctly.

Why Good Communication with Doctors is Vital

Seeing your doctor regularly and establishing a routine pattern of treatment creates good communication with him or her. A visit every three months for physical disabilities and more frequently for psychological disabilities will keep the doctor informed of your situation. Having physical or mental impairments can be extremely stressful, and quality communication with your doctor regarding your situation can help to lessen your stress. This is especially important if your disability is psychological. Feeling secure that your doctor knows your case and understands your situation can help you cope with difficult disability situations.

Why Finding a Doctor Who is Well-Versed in Disability Claims is Critical

It is very important for your doctor to understand his or her role in long-term disability claims. He or she should be well-versed in filling out paperwork and reporting as well as know how sensitive deadlines are to a claim. Should you choose a doctor that has little to no experience with long-term disability claims can be detrimental to your case and any mistakes can render you an unfavorable decision.

It is best to have the opinions of a doctor who has treated you regularly to assist with your disability case. Enlisting the help of an experienced disability attorney can make it easier to work with your doctor to get the information you need to win your case. Contact Dabdoub Law Firm at (800) 969-0488 today to learn more.


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