LifeMap Assurance Company Disability Insurance Claims

LifeMap Assurance Company is an insurance company that offers disability, life, and health insurance policies. LifeMap is not one of the larger disability insurance carriers. Still, our disability insurance lawyers have helped clients with long-term disability claims against LifeMap.

If you have disability insurance from LifeMap through your job, your claim is likely governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”). This is a federal law which includes specific rules and regulations that you and LifeMap must follow. Because ERISA is a complicated law, you should hire an experienced disability attorney to represent you in connection with your claim for disability benefits.

Things to Keep in Mind When Dealing with LifeMap

You know your medical conditions and disability better than anyone else. However, LifeMap may try to minimize your medical condition(s) in order to suggest you could engage in full-time work and deny benefits. LifeMap may argue that your medical condition is not as severe as reported or that your medical condition isn't severe enough to prevent you from working. So, it’s important you submit as much evidence of your disability as possible.

Our lawyers work with you and your doctors to prepare and present as much supportive evidence as possible. The goal is to create a clear picture of medical disability making it difficult for LifeMap to deny your benefits.

Please give us a call today to speak with an experienced disability insurance attorney should LifeMap refuse to pay your benefits.

Help from a Lawyer with Expertise in Disability Insurance and Familiar with LifeMap

Disability insurance law is complex. Hiring an experienced disability attorney is important. Because all disability lawyers at this law firm focus on disability insurance claims, we have expertise in disability insurance law.

That means we have:

  1. Experience with every major disability insurance company, including LifeMap;

  2. A proven track record of success by winning major disability lawsuits;

  3. Recovered millions of dollars in disability benefits for clients;

And, we never charge fees or costs unless our clients get paid.

The firm can help at any stage of your disability insurance claim, including:

Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, our lawyers are able to represent clients across the country.


Call to speak with an experienced disability attorney. Consultations are free.