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Emphysema Disability Insurance Lawyers

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Emphysema is a respiratory disease categorized among other chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), which means it is incurable. The primary issue of emphysema is a failure of alveoli or the air sacs within the lungs. The damaged alveoli fail to cycle out all of the air inhaled by the patient, keeping low-oxygen air within the lung and preventing oxygen-rich air from entering. The shortness of breath this causes in patients can only be alleviated through treatments and medications. However, many cases of emphysema are resistant to treatments, and people must learn to live with their debilitation.

Most long-term disability (LTD) insurance policies provided through employers or an individualized insurance plan will cover emphysema. It is only a matter of convincing your stubborn insurance provider that you are eligible for the coverage, which can be much more difficult than you might first anticipate.

To give your LTD claim a strong chance of success without the fear of denial or unjust delay, rely on Dabdoub Law Firm. Our team of attorneys does one thing and we do it exceptionally well: manage disability claims for clients across the country. We do not busy ourselves with any other type of legal practice, so you can know that our focus is unbeatable.

Disabilities Caused by Emphysema

The medical complications caused by emphysema can be severe, and they may flare without warning. In a typical day, emphysema will cause you to feel tired, short of breath, and weak. Standing, walking, or even sitting for an extended duration can become impossible due to the pain and exertion required. Since all jobs require you to stand, walk, or sit to some degree, holding any gainful employment can become impossible as well, forcing you to file for long-term disability insurance benefits.

When emphysema worsens, you may also experience disabling cognitive difficulties. As the oxygen levels in your blood drop, you may lose mental acuity, disrupting your concentration and causing general feelings of unease or anxiety. In this way, emphysema can cause physical and mental health problems in a patient.

To continue any type of work while suffering from the worst emphysema can cause is unreasonable. Your insurance company should be happy to provide you with LTD benefits, but they will more than likely try to fight you every step of the way. Let Dabdoub Law Firm intervene and protect your rights.

Attorneys That Specialize in Handling Your Disability Insurance Claims

As a law firm that specializes in helping people get disability benefits from insurance companies, Dabdoub Law Firm has recognized expertise in disability insurance claims and cases.

What sets us apart from other law firms?

With so much at stake, shouldn’t you have experienced disability lawyers on your side? Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, your disability lawyer does not have to be located in your state to help.

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