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  • Best in the LTD field
    A friend of mine recommended this firm. My criteria when engaging an attorney is simple but very few firms meet it: Competent, Responsive, Attentive, Diligent, Tenacious, Experience, Savvy, Considerate and Concerned. The Dabdoub Law Firm has all of these in SPADES and then some. Thanks to my friend for the recommendation and a huge heartfelt thank you to the team that worked on a favorable outcome to my case. Bryn, Tanja, Claudio, Nikeisha (Nikki) and Mr. Dabdoub deserve my highest praise. This team destroys LTD insurance providers' unwillingness to pay and holds them accountable. If you are reading this, don't hesitate, you will feel the same zeal to leave a review as I did, which seldom occurs. Thank you.

    - Fernando

    Miami, FL
  • Review
    Excellent Law Firm. This team works for their clients best interest for fast settlement action plan. Thank you!

    - Excellent Law Firm

  • “Choose DABDOUB LawFirm. Choose PEACE OF MIND.
    From my heart and soul I wish to extend my profound gratitude and appreciation to Managing Attorney Edward DABDOUB and Attorney Kevin Schaefer for their powerful representation. Historically successful, professional, strategic Attorneys. Fact based research, skillful attention to detail, and TEAMWORK is the key. “Dear Eddie and Kevin”, you have changed my life. I now can receive the home healthcare that I need. My safety and health, are key ingredients in a realistic hope for a tremendously improved quality of life. From night to day. It’s my greatest fortune to have met both of you. It is my privilege and honor to say these two gentlemen represented me, persevering relentlessly. Consistently focused. Trustworthy legal professionals. Choose peace of mind. Choose DABDOUB LawFirm. “THANK YOU” With Sincere Everlasting Appreciation. Wendy

    - DABDOUB LawFirm made a difference in my life.

  • I found a true expert in Dabdoub Law Firm.
    Eddie and his team at Dabdoub Law are knowledgeable, efficient, and empathetic -- all great qualities for attorneys who help those with challenging medical conditions. They fought confidently and aggressively to gather the appropriate evidence to get my disability benefits successfully restored. As an attorney myself who became disabled due to ME/CFS, which can be hard to prove to the insurer, I could tell from my very first interaction with Eddie that I had found a true expert.

    - Brad

  • Thank you Mary and the Dabdoub team!
    Mary was my attorney for my LTD case. She explained the process very thoroughly and spoke very clearly. She made the process easy and simple for me, which is needed with my disability. Lots of pain & headaches which is difficult to think clearly. Mary and her team were always understanding. They worked diligently and won my case. Thank you Mary and the Dabdoub team! I highly recommend the Dabdoub Law Firm for your long-term disability case.

    - Theresa

  • They have stood up and represented me when I needed it most.
    I’ve been going through the toughest time of my life over the last year and without the help of this firm, I don’t know where I’d be. They have stood up and represented me when I needed it most and because of them, my life has become a little less stressful!!! Thank you all for your hard work.

    - Chaleigha

  • Knowledge and persistence were key.
    Bryn was very professional and informative from the very beginning of my case. I had already been denied twice by my disability insurance company when I contacted Bryn. She immediately came up with a solid game plan to appeal my claim. This was a difficult claim in that it involved a mental health disability. The insurance company was unresponsive at first, but Bryn kept on them, sending correspondence on a regular basis in order to document our attempts to communicate. When the insurance company missed the 90-day deadline to approve/disapprove my claim, Bryn immediately filed a breach of contract suit. Ultimately, I was awarded a large retroactive settlement and a continuing settlement through the end of my benefit period. I believe Bryn’s knowledge and persistence were key to getting my settlement. I would highly recommend her to family, friends, and others.

    - Brian

  • They got me the best outcome possible!
    I will, without question, always recommend the Dabdoub Law Firm to anyone needing disability experts! They have been professional, capable, and dogged in their attempts to both get me back on the claim and push for the best outcome in settlement or go to court if these things did not fulfill the claim to my satisfaction. I truly appreciate Eddie, Kevin (his more than capable JD), Sonya (Appeals Coordinator), and all the others who worked on my case! I never felt pressured into taking the settlement, and I feel like the Dabdoub Law Firm did everything they could to get me the best outcome possible. More Detail: I started working with the Dabdoub Law Firm in October of 2019. In late 2017 I had gone on disability due to chronic pain from past neck and back injuries/surgeries. I had already battled to switch from STD to LTD, appealed twice, and only succeeded when my employer intervened. Given those things, when I started seeing signs they were working up to another denial I started interviewing lawyers. It is disheartening to fight for the coverage you assumed you had secured within your career choices. With most of the lawyers I talked to, there was a feeling they were just going to try to get to settlement and be done with it. This is NOT what you want in a lawyer because they will not push to achieve the best outcome for you individually. They will just check the boxes and try to get you to accept a lowball settlement of which they get anywhere from 25% to 45%, claim their check, and move on without another case. **Please don’t put yourself through that disappointment and strongly consider the Dabdoub Law Firm.** I talked and then worked directly with Edward Dabdoub and his team on my claim. What stood out to me right away was his recognizing my disability and validating my concerns. He outlined how they would work to get my denial overturned, but was realistic in explaining the possibility of going to mediation or litigation. He pointed out consistently that everything was my choice as to how we proceeded. Once working with his team I was highly impressed with the magnitude of ways they approached my appeal and overall case. They hired a doctor and other professionals to review my medical history and the rather torturous FCE I was put through before hiring them, compiled 10+ years of medical data, had me tell my story in an affidavit, and worked directly with my doctor who the insurance company wouldn’t listen to alone. The team was diligent in sending appeals and pushing for responses in a timely manner. He overwhelmed them with an abundance of supporting information. Unfortunately, I suspected given the immediate denial of LTD and subsequent appeal, that my insurance company was likely set on denying my claim. They had made me feel like denial was a forgone conclusion, and I wasn’t surprised when it happened. However, true to their promise and commitment to my case, Dabdoub’s team just used that against them to show the lackluster response and overall inconsideration of my claim. We went through to mediation and would have gone to court next had they not actively helped mediate a settlement I was comfortable with. I never felt pressured into taking the settlement, and I feel like the Dabdoub Law Firm did everything they could to get me back on claim, and when that didn’t succeed, to get me the best outcome possible. Thank you, Eddie and Team!

    - Cindy

  • Trustworthy, knowledgeable, attentive.
    I became disabled in 2009, and the Dabdoub Law Firm has been the administrator of my claim since then. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, attentive, and always looking out for my best interest...are just a few words to describe my experience with them.

    - Betty

  • I instantly felt like I finally had someone on my side.
    I have numerous conditions that have gotten worse over the years and it got to a point where I could no longer work. When that time came I filed a claim to receive my disability from Lincoln. They denied my claim which I felt was totally unjust. So I started looking forward to an attorney and was able to find Kevin. I reached out and he took the time to talk to me and get an understanding of what I go through on a daily basis and agreed to help me get the benefits I rightly deserved. After just the first conversation I instantly felt like I finally had someone on my side that was going to fight for me. Between my disabilities draining me and fighting Lincoln I was exhausted. He meant what he said when he told me “focus on your health and we will focus on helping you be secure so you can still take care of your family.“ He meant every word because he followed through with action. After fighting with Lincoln for over a year he was able to get my benefits approved. I can say without a doubt that if there was anyone I would want in my corner fighting for me against these companies it would be Kevin. In my opinion, he is a man of integrity, honesty, and genuinely cares for his clients, and will fight for them. His actions showed me that there are still people out there willing to fight for us little guys. Thanks, Kevin.

    - Anonymous

  • I will always be very grateful.
    After suffering a debilitating health condition, I'm very grateful to have chosen Dabdoub Law Firm to represent me. My attorney Mr. Patrick Wilson was on top of my case, always answering all of my concerns and questions. What stood out the most for me was how caring he was during this difficult time in my life. I will always be very grateful to Patrick and to the Dabdoub Law Firm for getting my case approved through my LTD. I highly recommend this law firm.

    - Jesus

  • They were always very knowledgeable and quick to respond.
    Kevin Probst and the staff were excellent. They were always very knowledgeable and quick to respond. It was so nice to have a legal team with such experience handle my case in a very professional manner.

    - R.

  • My case has been approved thanks to their hard work.
    I am so pleased with how Kevin & Sonya took care of my LTD. My case has been approved thanks to their hard work. I recommend anyone who is looking for an attorney contact Dabdoub Law Firm. Thank you!

    - Tonie

  • They never let me feel like I was fighting alone.
    I came to Kevin about a lawsuit and he along with his staff never let me feel like I was fighting alone. They were extremely accommodating, professional, and caring. They were sincere about their concerns for my well-being. I am so glad that I found them. They are the best.

    - Cori

  • I am very happy with our win!
    I worked with Kevin and he was really great; he was kind, courteous, and incredibly professional. Kevin kept in contact with me with updated information and reached out whenever any additional information was needed for my case (which helped a lot of the stress with dealing with my case). I am very happy with our win!

    - Carina B

  • I highly recommend this firm!
    This is a law firm that cares about their clients’ interests and how they treat their clients. All emails and calls returned in a reasonable time and at each turn, next steps properly communicated and any other questions as they arose! I highly recommend this firm to others! Lastly, they won the case!

    - Tahara

  • Thank you to Eddie & his team!
    Eddie and the team are very responsive and take the time to explain the process well and guide clients through it all. Thanks, Eddie and the team. Great job!!

    - Jimmy

  • I could not have been happier.
    I was being screwed over by the Disability Insurance Company. I knew I had to get a lawyer involved. I did a web search for this type of lawyer and in the end, could not have been happier. I was directed to Dabdoub Law Firm in Miami, FL. My lawyer was Mr. Kevin Schaeffer. I could tell from the first conversation that he was experienced in handling this type of case and definitely had my interest first. I was even happier to know that he has previous experience against this exact Insurance Company. Negotiations went on and on for a while and I was contacted via phone or email at least every week. He told me that the entire decision was going to be up to me but he would advise me how to handle things since he knew how this company operated. The offers for a settlement went back and forth between the Insurance Company, my lawyer, and myself. We finally reached a figure that all parties were comfortable with and avoided going to trial by filing a lawsuit, which could have taken many more months. All in all, I would definitely recommend this Law Firm and especially Mr. Kevin Schaeffer. His hard work and dedication to his client showed and I could not have been happier. Thank You, Kevin, you have no idea of how much I appreciate your work and time on my case to get a fair offer.

    - Michael

  • I believe you will be very satisfied
    I appreciate them staying on the case for me even when I couldn't respond. They were very patient with me- 💯 Percent. I like that they resolve the situation and they're still taking care of everything, so I don't have to deal with it. Try them, I believe you will be very satisfied.

    - Elizabeth Fields

  • I really appreciate everything!
    Everyone was great. I really appreciate everything! Best wishes!

    - Christopher Turner