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Throughout their careers, NFL players sacrifice their bodies and minds when they give their all on the football field. Unfortunately, the combination of frequent high-speed collisions, hits to the head, and numerous field injuries often result in disability. Many former NFL players with disabilities become unable to work at all after retiring from professional football. Our NFL players disability lawyers can help you.

Currently, most former professional football players attention remains focused on the NFL concussion settlement and the NFL’s repeated attempts to reduce its liability. However, it is important that former NFL players understand that in addition to any potential recovery under the concussion settlement, they may also be entitled to total and permanent disability benefits.

Disability Available to NFL Players

As a result of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA, retired NFL players who are substantially prevented or unable to work in any occupation may be entitled to Total and Permanent disability benefits. If found to be totally and permanently disabled, former players will receive a disability benefit payment every month. The NFL’s disability plan has four separate classifications of total and permanent disability.

The amount each player is entitled to receive depends on which classification the player falls within. Additionally, a former football player who is not totally and permanently disabled could be entitled to line of duty benefits from the NFL if they incur a substantial disablement as a result of playing professional football. The NFL disability attorneys in our firm have experience helping former NFL players get disability benefits from the NFL’s disability plan.

We are ready and able to assist former players with:

  • Filing an application for total and permanent disability benefits or line of duty benefits;
  • Appealing a denial of totally and permanent disability benefits or line of duty benefits;
  • Appealing a classification and requesting a reclassification of total and permanent disability benefits;
  • Filing a lawsuit against the NFL for disability benefits.

Determining Eligibility for Disability Benefits

Sometimes the NFL disability committee will approve a former player for totally and permanently disabled benefits by placing the player in the incorrect category. If this happens, the player may be receiving far fewer disability benefits than he is entitled to receive from the NFL disability plan.

Call (800) 969-0488 to schedule a free consultation with one of our NFL players disability lawyers today. We can help with your NFL disability benefits case.


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