Proof Of Disability Is All You Need

Proof of disability is all you need to show when it comes to your long term disability insurance claim. There is no need to prove the cause of your disability. There are cases where a person suffers from a debilitating condition, but doctors are unable to diagnose it. The symptoms still exist and are impairing even though there is no diagnosis yet.

This may not be the everyday case, but it is certainly common enough that there have been many Court cases on the issue of proof of disability. If a person’s doctor(s) has ultimately decided that their patient suffers from a disabling condition, but is not sure what is causing it, that person is still deemed disabled. For purposes of disability insurance, you have to show you have restrictions and limitations due to symptoms, but you are probably not required to show what medical condition is causing those symptoms.

Additionally, it is possible that you may be diagnosed with one condition that carries similar symptoms to another condition. Then later on, your doctor changes the diagnosis. Similarly, this should not prevent you from obtaining or maintaining your disability insurance benefits. Just because the diagnosis changed does not mean the symptoms went away or you were all of a sudden able to perform your job duties.

Proof of disability – the symptoms or ailments from which you suffer that prevent you from carrying out your responsibilities at work – is all you need when applying for disability insurance benefits. Lack of a clear diagnosis or a change in diagnosis should not result in the denial of your disability benefits claim.

If you feel your disability insurance company has improperly denied your claim or terminated your benefits relating to your diagnosis, or lack thereof, call the attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm for an evaluation of your case. Our firm has been helping people get disability benefits from insurance companies from just about every disability insurance company in the United States.