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Who Should Have Long-Term Disability Insurance?

Construction Worker There are plenty of insurance policies individuals get because they are essentially necessities. These include things such as car, medical, and dental insurance. While these policies are all great to have, some people forget to consider some of the other important policies available to them that they should have.

It’s one of the more important things to have for workers, especially when they rely on their incomes to live in a normal capacity. For these individuals, any injury or illness that prevents them from working means no income to pay for their expenses.

So, who should have long-term disability insurance?

Workers In Injury-Prone Environments

Construction workers. Oilfield workers. Plant workers. These are all people who work in industries where injuries and illnesses are common. There are so many unpredictable factors involved that even the slightest issue can lead to harm.

Because of this, long-term disability insurance can be a great safety net to help cover expenses that the injured worker may have when they lose income from the damage sustained.

Those Who Want to Protect Their Income

Income is an important part of any job and for many, it’s their means of living. So many individuals live check to check that any halt in income can turn into a stressful situation. While long-term disability insurance benefits don’t necessarily mean the individual will receive the full amount of income, it can help with much of the expenses each month.

This is especially true for single-income homes where one individual is considered the breadwinner while the other takes care of the home. The loss of that single income is enough to put stress and anxiety at an all-time high.

If you’re not sure if long-term disability insurance is right for you, ask yourself just one question:

Can I afford to live without an income?

If you cannot live without some stability and a monthly influx of some type of income, you should consider long-term disability insurance coverage. This helps for injuries and illnesses lasting an extended period of time.

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