Dabdoub Law Firm Secures LTD Benefits for Client Injured in Elevator Accident

Our team of long term disability attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm is always ready to fight for reinstatement of wrongfully terminated disability benefits. We recently handled a claim in which our client was given long term disability insurance benefits from Cigna Group Insurance after he was severely injured in an elevator accident. However, not even a year later, the benefits were terminated without due cause. Following a thorough investigation conducted by our disability lawyers, we were able to convince the insurer to reinstate the benefits.

Details of the Elevator Accident Disability Case

In 2013, our client was seriously injured in an elevator accident. He tried to recuperate as best he could and continue working for years, but the chronic back pain caused by the accident proved to be too much. In September 2016, he stopped working and eventually received long term disability benefits from Cigna in March of 2017. The insurance company decided to terminate his benefits early, though, claiming a medical review had shown his improvement.

This is not the case, though. To this day, our client’s medical condition continues to consistently deteriorate. He has been given specialized medications, physical therapy, and back surgery to try to alleviate and cure the condition, but nothing has been dramatically effective. Given that our client certainly did not improve to the point where he could hold any sort of occupation, our long term disability lawyers of Dabdoub Law Firm were curious as to how Cigna could have possibly reached that conclusion.

We began an in-depth investigation into the evidence at hand, which included a 24-page report from his physicians that concluded he could not safely perform regular work duties. We also reviewed medical records from a leading, board certified orthopedic surgeon who examined our client. Part of the additional diagnosis concluded that future back surgery might be necessary, further adding to the fact that he simply is not able to return to work and, thus, should not have had his long term disability benefits terminated.

Misleading & Misconstrued Information Used by Insurer

Within our investigation, we were able to uncover that Cigna had relied almost-entirely on the statements from their own nurse case manager’s medical review. Inexplicably, the internal reviews concluded there was no medical evidence that supported our client’s functional restrictions. This conclusion was apparently reached in spite of the overwhelming factual statements compiled from our client’s physical therapist and orthopedic specialist.

Our long term disability attorneys of Dabdoub Law Firm challenged the wrongful termination of our client’s benefits. Given the organization and completeness of our response, Cigna reversed the termination of our client’s disability benefits.

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