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Indianapolis Court Finds Reliance Standard Lawfully Terminated Long-Term Disability Benefits

A Court in Indianapolis found Reliance Standard lawfully terminated long-term disability benefits after paying a man for more than five years. The court did not find that Mr. Mesker was no longer disabled. Instead, it concluded Reliance was not “downright unreasonable,” before ruling in Reliance’s favor.

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Mr. Mesker’s Long-Term Disability Claim

Prior to his disability, Mr. Mesker worked for the Indiana State Teacher’s Association. Due to complications from HIV/AIDS, Mr. Mesker ceased working in 2010. He also suffered from neuropathy, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia.

Reliance initially approved Mr. Mesker’s claim in January of 2014. Mr. Mesker’s claim for social security disability benefits was also approved.

In May of 2016, Reliance terminated Mr. Mesker’s benefits. It concluded he had not shown he remained disabled. This was largely based on a medical review completed by Reliance’s in-house nurse.

Mr. Mesker appealed Reliance’s decision. Reliance denied his appeal. This time it relied on a paper based review of the medical records.

The Court Rules Against Mr. Mesker

Mr. Mesker filed a lawsuit against Reliance Standard. He lost this lawsuit.

The Court noted that the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) of 1974 governed this claim. Thus, the court asserted it could not overturn the decision just because it was incorrect. Rather, the court would have to find that it was “downright unreasonable.”

The court acknowledged Mr. Mesker suffered from a disabling illness. Still, it concluded that the termination of benefits was not completely unreasonable. Thus, it ruled in favor of Reliance Standard.

Hiring an Experienced Disability Lawyer is Critical

Most people, like Mr. Mesker, receive disability insurance through their job. These claims are generally governed by ERISA. This is a very complex law which favors the insurance companies.

Most disability policies give the insurance company discretion. As seen above, this means a judge must rule in favor of the insurance company unless it was entirely unreasonable in denying benefits. Merely proving you are disabled is not enough. This is a difficult standard to meet.

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