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Do I Have to Go to the IME for My Disability Insurance?

The answer depends on your situation as every insurance policy and facts of a claim are different.

Most disability insurance policies have a provision that requires the claimant to attend a medical examination at the request of the insurance company. If you fail to comply with the request, and policy, your benefits could be denied or terminated.

Insurance companies call these medical examinations an “independent medical examination” or “IME.” Yet, there is nothing independent about it. The doctor who is performing the examination is being paid by the insurance company. They are not on your side.

We often get feedback from our clients about an IME they have attended that lead to a denial or termination of benefits. Some common complaints include:

  • The doctor was in the room for only five minutes
  • The doctor did not even examine me
  • The doctor was not familiar with my condition

While you may be required to attend the IME, you can push back and question the insurance company about it. If you are asked to attend an IME, some things to ask your insurance company about before attending include:

  • What kind of doctor is conducting the examination?
  • What is the doctor’s area of expertise?
  • What type of examination is it?
  • Request a copy of the doctor’s curriculum vitae (“CV”)

An insurance companies’ request for an IME can be frustrating. And more than likely you will be required to attend or risk losing your benefits. If you know what to look for and what information to request, you can protect yourself and your claim.

If you have questions regarding IME or your disability case, please not hesitate to contact our team of established disability lawyers. We are able to help you, no matter where you are located in the United States.

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