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Long Term Disability Benefits Approved for Client Who Fell & Suffered Spine Injury

Dabdoub Law Firm has done it again by successfully helping a women gain long term disability insurance benefits from CIGNA. Our client fell a few years ago and suffered spinal cord damage as a result. Invasive surgery was unable to alleviate her chronic pain and other complications. Thanks to our prompt and concise filing, managed by Attorney Bryn Natland, her filing was approved without stress.

Details of the Slip & Fall Spine Injury Case

In the fall of 2016, our client suffered a fall that injured her spine. She was hospitalized for three days. During that time, an MRI was conducted, which revealed that her neck and spine showed physical abnormalities.

About half a year later, she underwent invasive surgery followed by 20 days of hospitalization to try to correct her spinal damage. The surgery was not a complete success, as she still experiences chronic pain and may need surgery in the future. Just prior to her surgery date, our client stopped working.

Today, she experiences severe neck movement restrictions and constant pain, which often spikes to severe levels. Sensory exams have also revealed that complications from her spinal cord injury have limited her use of her limbs, especially her right arm and hand. Her doctor was hopeful she would be able to begin physical therapy in early 2018, but later opined that her disability would make it difficult for her to do so.

Long Term Disability Benefits Attorney Bryn Natland of Dabdoub Law Firm acted as the primary contact for our client in this case. We are proud to say she was successful in filing on behalf of our client to CIGNA, who chose to approve her LTD benefits.

Our Disability Attorneys Can Help You

Disability insurance law is complex. Hiring an experienced disability attorney is important. Because all disability lawyers at Dabdoub Law Firm focus on disability insurance claims, our firm has significant experience with every major disability insurance company.

We can help at any stage of your disability insurance claim, including:

  • Submitting a disability insurance claim;
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  • Negotiating a lump-sum settlement; or
  • Filing a lawsuit against your disability insurance company.

Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, our lawyers are able to represent clients across the country.

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