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Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

If you have Parkinson’s Disease, you probably have a lot of questions. What can I expect in terms of symptoms? What will my life and future be like? Will my Parkinson's Disease qualify for long-term disability?

Before we can answer any of these questions, we need to fully understand the nature of this disease. Keep the following considerations in mind: Parkinson's Disease will wreak havoc on the central nervous system.

Early Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's Disease has been characterized as a degenerative disorder that will gradually and significantly wear down the patient's central nervous system. With Parkinson's Disease, you will usually see the following symptoms:

  • Hand tremors
  • Facial tightness
  • Slow movement
  • Slurred speech

A person diagnosed with with Parkinson's Disease will notice even more serious motor symptoms developing as the disease progresses.

Advanced Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

If Parkinson's just ended with the above difficulties, it would be hard enough for some sufferers to go about their daily lives. However, it continues to get worse and worse. Middle-to-late-stage sufferers will usually notice the following problems:

Bradykinesia: This is where fine motor skills start to deteriorate. Activities such as hammering nails, buttoning clothing, and writing become very difficult. Eventually, gross motor skills such as walking will become increasingly difficult as well.

Rigid limbs: With Parkinson's Disease, the muscles are constantly contracting. This can cause the patient’s limbs to become extremely rigid.

Unstable posture: In the later stages of the disease, balance can become increasingly difficult, which could lead to falls and fractures.

Parkinson’s impacts both the body and the mind. Many find their memory fads and their mood becomes unstable. Dementia is sadly a common end result.

If you or someone you love developed Parkinson’s and are having difficulty getting the disability benefits you deserve, we are here to listen. If you’d like an experienced Florida disability attorney from the Dabdoub Law Firm to evaluate your case, please send us an email or call (800) 969-0488.