Paper Based Reviews During Coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it may not be possible for your insurance company to send you to an independent medical examination. When that happens, they will often time perform paper-based reviews of your medical records.

These paper-based reviews are often done by an in-house physician - someone who works for the insurance company - or sometimes by an outside hired doctor. This physician never sees you or examines you.

This is why your medical evidence in your disability insurance claim is so important. You want to provide objective evidence such as MRI reports, lab work, well as subjective evidence such as clinical observations from your doctors.

The reviewer will review your records and offer an opinion of your restrictions and limitations. They typically draft a report summarizing the records and then outline their opinion on your disability. Oftentimes their opinion is not explained or supported by the medical records.

Our goal is to ensure the insurance company is properly reviewing your medical evidence.

Our disability insurance attorneys know exactly what to look for in these paper-based reviews and how to respond to them.

Contact one of your disability insurance attorneys to discuss your case and how we can help.