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How Can I Prove I Have Migraines?

Proving you have migraines can be challenging because there is no test to show you are having migraines. It is for this reason, we had to get creative in proving migraines are disabling. We use other pieces of evidence such as migraines logs, personal statements, peer reviews, and doctor's letters to establish disability from migraines.

With a migraine case, we use the evidence to establish the disabling effect of a migraine, such as:

  • Frequency,
  • Intensity,
  • Associated symptoms, and
  • Length of a migraine.

With a migraine log, we can show how often they are happening and how long each one lasts. With personal statements, we can use your friends and families’ personal observations of the impact a migraine has on your daily functioning. The treating doctor can also provide detailed insight, from a medical standpoint, as to the medications that have been tried, the associated symptoms, and the overall treatment of the migraines.

Over the years, the experienced disability insurance attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm have successfully obtained disability benefits for migraine sufferers. We understand the impact this condition can have and we understand how insurance companies treat this type of claim.

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