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What Do I Do If My Doctor Doesn't Support My Disability?

One of the first forms that needs to be filled out as part of a disability insurance claim is an “Attending Physician Statement.” This is a questionnaire filled out by your doctor confirming your restrictions and limitations. The doctor is basically telling the insurance company why you cannot work.

We always recommend to our clients to have a heart to heart conversation with their doctor about their disability. It is important to explain what is going on with you and why you believe you are unable to work.

If your doctor is unwilling or unable to fill out this form, or to certify you are disabled, it could present a problem for your claim. However, it does not mean you are not entitled to benefits or cannot get approved by your disability insurance company.

It is possible to obtain outside testing to support your disability, such as:

  • Functional capacity evaluation
  • Peer review
  • Independent medical examination
  • Neuropsychological evaluation
  • Objective imaging like MRI, CT or X-rays

Our experienced attorneys have successfully obtained LTD benefits when a doctor was unwilling to participate in the claim process. We analyze each case and determine what is needed to support disability.

Lawyers Specializing in Disability Insurance Claims

Because disability insurance law is complicated, it is important to get legal help from a lawyer who focuses on disability law.

As a law firm built to focus on disability insurance, our lawyers specialize in disability insurance. We spend every day working to get our clients long term disability benefits approved.

Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, we do not have to be located in your state to help.

If your claim for long term disability benefits was denied or being delayed by an insurance company, call us to speak with a disability insurance attorney.

We represent clients across the U.S. with: