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Should I Give My LTD Carrier My Notice of Award and Decision for SSDI Benefits?

It depends. Review the documents from Social Security carefully before giving them to your LTD carrier. You want to be sure anything you provide is supportive of your disability. At a minimum, you only need to provide your benefit amount and entitlement date.

If you have an approval letter that explains why you cannot work in any capacity, that may be helpful to your claim as well.

When applying for long-term disability (“LTD”) benefits your LTD policy will require you to apply for social security benefits. Your LTD carrier will ask you to provide documentation showing the benefit amount and entitlement date so they can calculate any overpayment and apply an offset moving forward.

When applying for SSDI benefits with the Social Security Administration (“SSA”), they will provide several documents regarding your claim status, benefits, and other information relating to their decision. It may be tempting to send all the documents to your LTD carrier but there could be some consequences.

LTD claims may be based on mental conditions and physical ones. However, the SSA determines disability differently. If your SSA decision only speaks to your mental health, this could trigger a mental health limitation by your LTD carrier.

Overall, you are required to provide your LTD carrier information about your SSDI benefits. Before submitting any SSA documents to them, read the documents first. If the SSA documents are supportive for your disability, then submit them. But if there is any doubt, you should contact a disability insurance attorney who can guide you through what needs to be provided to your LTD carrier.

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