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Occupational Stress Should Be Considered For Disability Benefits

Almost every job comes with some kind of occupational stress. Once you have been diagnosed with a work related stress disability, your doctors will give you restrictions or limitations by which you need to live. This means altering your lifestyle and work life to meet the needs of your disability. It may be the case that because of your disability, your body or mind cannot handle the everyday stresses of your job.

When filing for disability insurance benefits, you have to submit all your medical records in support of your claim for disability. Within those records, your doctors should include at what level you can handle stress. Depending on the severity of your disability, it may be that you can handle a little stress or it may be that you cannot handle any stress. Either way, the insurance company should take into consideration your doctor’s recommendation for work related stress.

Disability insurance companies have been known to cherry-pick a claim file, conveniently ignoring the impact of stress at work. Courts across the country have ruled that a person does not have to put their health at risk to be entitled to disability insurance benefits. They have found that an insurance company must consider work related stress when it contributes to someone’s disability. Additionally, the insurance company’s failure to consider occupational stress is an abuse of discretion.

If you feel that your disability insurance claim has been improperly evaluated and your ability to handle work related stress has been ignored, contact the attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm for a review of your case. Our seasoned attorneys have experience dealing with all the disability insurance companies and have successfully challenged a denial based on improper evaluation of the claim file.