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Diabetes Disability Claim Against Reliance Standard

A diabetes disability claim with your insurance company can be hard to win. Our disability insurance attorneys recently handled an appeal based on diabetes. We were successful in getting our clients benefits reinstated.

Our client suffers from a number of medical conditions. He has complications from his diabetes including: neuropathy, retinopathy, ulcers, and glaucoma. He also suffers from severe carpal tunnel syndrome and Meniere’s disease. With all of his conditions, he is totally disabled.

He filed a disability insurance claim with Reliance Standard. He received benefits for his diabetes disability claim for two years. After that the insurance company terminated benefits.

The termination was based only the opinion of one nurse. This nurse reviewed his files and found that he was no longer disabled. However, our client’s medical records from his treating doctors said something different.

How We Argued Against the Termination of Benefits

We filed our appeal based on wrongful termination of benefits. We argued that our client remained disabled and unable to work. We supported our argument with evidence from his doctors. His treating physicians’ continuously stated that he remains unable to work. In fact, one stated that it could be unsafe for him and others if he returned to work.

Not only does the medical conditions cause severe pain, but so the medications. He suffers from various side effects from his medications. He also often felt fatigued and sleepy. There was no way to predict when these feelings would come on. His doctors advised that he needs to reset whenever possible.

He was unable to operate a vehicle or use a keyboard because of his severe carpal tunnel syndrome. And he often felt pain and numbness in his legs and arms. Additionally, he has a lack of ambulatory stability from Meniere’s disease.

All of his symptoms made it impossible to work. The opinion of one nurse is insufficient to justify terminating his disability benefits. His medical records were overwhelming clear that he is disabled.

There was even objective medical evidence to support his claim. He underwent a test called neurodiagnostic testing. This showed his severe carpal tunnel syndrome.

Finally, we argued that his condition is worsening. His records show an increase in his need for pain medication. There is no way he is getting better and able to return to work. We also included that the Social Security Administration had approved his diabetes disability claim and awarded benefits.

Reliance Standard had no choice but to agree with our appeal. The opinion of one nurse was unreasonable. Our client was totally disabled and remained that way. After our appeal, they reversed their decision. His disability insurance benefits were reinstated.

How We Can Help With A Diabetes Disability Claim

Our experienced disability insurance attorneys know what to expect from these insurance companies. We have handled cases nationwide against every major insurance company. We have also dealt with a wide variety of medical conditions. Contact our office today to see how we can help you.

Because each client’s case is unique and has different facts, results similar to those in other clients’ cases are not guaranteed.