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Hepatitis C Disability Benefits Approved By LINA On Appeal

Our client was receiving long term disability benefits from Life Insurance Company of North America (“LINA”) for his Hepatitis C disability, an ongoing battle with chronic hepatitis C. However, after a few years, LINA terminated his benefits based on the treatment he was receiving.

Thanks to modern medicine, the treatment for hepatitis C has made the disease undetectable in our client’s body. However, the damage caused by the disease over time is irreversible and permanent. Specifically, his liver has suffered to such an extreme that it has left him totally disabled.

Unfortunately, the undetectable nature of the disease does not mean he is actually cured of the effects it had on his body. However, LINA only considered the treatment of his Hepatitis C disability instead of the permanent damage it caused.

We filed an appeal of the termination of benefits on behalf of our client. Along with our appeal letter laying out a clear and concise argument that he is permanently disabled based on the damage to his liver, we included all relevant medical documents and doctor’s notes and opinions. Our clients’ doctors have clearly stated that he is no longer able to work in his profession or any other profession due to the severity of his liver damage and the symptoms he suffers daily.

After a proper and thorough review of all the medical evidence, and our appeal letter and argument, LINA reversed its termination and approved the benefits due to our client.

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