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Edward Dabdoub Disability Insurance Lawyer And Businessman

Edward Dabdoub was recently featured in an article in the Daily Business Review. Mr. Dabdoub is of the Dabdoub law firm — a law firm focused on helping people who can no longer work and must file a claim for disability insurance with their insurance company.

The article highlights the success of the law firm, which has seen continuous growth since Mr. Dabdoub became President and Managing Partner. All attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm focus their law practice on disability insurance law and ERISA. His business strategy has always been to put the client first. His belief is that “the firm will achieve success if we are successful in representing people in their fight to get their disability benefits.” Through the firm’s core practice, the firm has helped hundreds of people get the disability benefits they deserve and protect their rights against disability insurance companies.

Under Edward Dabdoub’s leadership, the law firm has developed significant experience in handling long-term disability benefits claims, appealing disability benefits denials to insurance companies, and handling lawsuits for disability benefits in state and federal court against virtually all disability insurance companies. The firm also assists clients who were wrongly denied life insurance benefits.

Each month, Mr. Dabdoub reviews five different financial reports about the firm to measure how things are going, including client contact and case progression. Each report gives him an idea of where the firm stands with their cases and clients so that they can achieve the best result possible in every case. With this ongoing analysis, the firm is in a position where they can fight the insurance companies to get the best resolution for their client.

Mr. Dabdoub holds an undergraduate degree in business and a masters of business administration, in addition to his law degree. His background in business has been very helpful when it comes to running the law practice, as well as representing clients. But he understands that it is not a one man job. Mr. Dabdoub says “it was an honor to have received this recognition, but our firm’s accomplishments are due to team effort. A captain is only as good as his crew, and we have a really awesome crew!”