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How Much Does a Disability Lawyer Charge?

How much does a long term disability lawyer charge is an important question when your benefits are denied or terminated. As a law firm focused only on disability insurance claims, we do not charge anything up front. The firm only gets paid a fee if you get paid.

As a contingency fee based firm, clients pay nothing unless they get benefits.We understand that our clients are going through a difficult time. It is not only their health that is causing hardship, but their finances as well.

If you are looking for a disability insurance attorney, your benefits have likely been denied or terminated. This means you have no income. We understand. That is why we do not charge any fee up front.

Our fee is paid from the money we recover for you. If we file an initial claim or appeal on your behalf, we get paid a fee from the disability benefits. If we file a lawsuit and it settles for a lump-sum, our fee comes out of the gross settlement. Any costs associated with filling your claim, appeal or lawsuit will also be paid out of the money we recover.

In fact, before you even sign a fee agreement, we will spend a good amount of time evaluating your case for free! We will talk to you about your situation, gather information, and determine the best course of action. We want you to know our plan and understand the process.

We spend a great deal of time preparing your case for an initial claim, appeal or litigation, including:

  • Gather information from you, your doctors, your employer, and the insurance company;
  • Research any relevant legal issues;
  • Discuss your medical condition(s), and learn about any unusual symptoms or condition;
  • Put together a plan of action; and
  • Go after the insurance company for your disability benefits.

Our Disability Attorneys Can Help You

Disability insurance law is complex. Hiring an experienced disability attorney is important. Because all disability lawyers at this law firm focus on disability insurance claims, the firm has significant experience with every major disability insurance company.

The firm can help at any stage of your disability insurance claim, including:

Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, our lawyers are able to represent clients across the country.

Call to speak with an experienced disability attorney. Consultations are always free.