What Options Do I have if I am Ill?

doctorsIllness is something that always comes by surprise. However, there are some options that you have if you fall ill and are unable to perform the normal tasks of your job. The option that you take depends on your situation and the circumstances surrounding the illness.

About Workers’ Compensation

The first option that you can look at is workers' compensation, which is something that every employer of good size has. This benefit can cover your medical bills and a part of your wages while you recover from the illness. If you become ill with something during the course of your work tasks, you will most likely be eligible for this benefit. There is no fault involved. All you have to do is prove that you are ill and unable to do the work, and that proof will come to you when you see the physician.

About Disability

The second type of coverage that you may be able to get is disability insurance. If your employer offered you disability with your medical benefits package, then you're entitled to file a claim if you are going to be incapacitated for more than a week. What you'll want to do is visit a physician who can give you a proper diagnosis for your illness and recommend a time frame for you to come back to work.

If the insurance company approves you for the benefits, you will receive a certain percentage of your work wages until you're well enough to return to work. Disability benefits can last up to six to 12 months and then they would be converted to long-term disability benefits. State disability benefits work a little differently and it's only beneficial to apply for them if you are going to be ill for one year or more.

About Personal Injury Compensation

Personal injury is a whole different ball game, and it happens when another party is personally responsible for your injury because of neglect. If your employer constantly exposes you to carcinogens, for instance, they could be guilty of neglect. In that case, a reliable firm can help you obtain that.

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