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Those Receiving Disability Benefits Struggle with an Inability to Work

girl in wheelchairSocial Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Insurance are federal disability programs meant to aid those disenfranchised by their disabilities. For those who are so disabled they are unable to work, these benefits are their livelihood. In certain cases, those suffering from a disability are able to find part-time work in an effort to survive on a modest income as well as find purpose in their day. Both of these programs are coupled with a form of health care, whether it be Medicare or Medicaid.

Despite an overwhelming desire to be a contributing member of society, many disability recipients are unable to keep a steady job. There is a common misconception regarding these recipients, in that they are too lazy to want to work. This is absolutely not the case--in fact, many of them find themselves lost in what is a work-obsessed culture, as it can be difficult to find meaning in an active life when one does not have a job or work identity.

Some of these recipients volunteer, work part-time, or even work towards higher education--though juggling the responsibilities of adulthood while on a limited income, while also navigating the stigmatization of being a disability recipient, can be too much to bear for many.

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