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What Happens if My Injury is Considered Long-Term?

hurt ankleWhat to Do When an Injury Becomes Long-Term

After a major accident, you may have been under the impression that you would be back on your feet in a short period of time. You expect to get back to work in a relatively short period of time. However, what do you do when the doctors inform you that your injuries are considered to be a long-term situation and you may be unable to work for a while?

Oftentimes, this results in the injured worker looking to their long-term disability insurance company to receive some type of benefit while they are unable to work. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies are looking after the best interests of policyholders and they may deny a claim. So, now where do you turn? You call the nationally renowned disability insurance attorneys at Dabdoud Law Firm.

Long-term disability insurance benefits can help you receive compensation—a portion of your wages—for an extended period of time while you recover from your injury. Once an injury is considered to be long-term, it is imperative to have the proper paperwork and evidence to submit to your insurance provider in order to have the claim properly filed. If you file incorrectly, it can result in the denial of your claim.

What We Can Do for You

Dabdoud Law Firm handles a wide range of disability insurance cases. We built our firm for the specific purpose of helping people get their disability claims settled with disability insurance companies. Insurance companies are not designed to help an individual become whole again. The insurance company is focused on their own bottom line and paying out the least amount possible to injured workers.

Our law firm is committed to devoting our focus on helping victims win their cases. Many of our clients have been denied by disability insurance carriers who care nothing about their interest and needs. Our expertise in legal matters will help us prepare a strong disability case in the event of a denial. We will present an appeal at no cost until the claim is won.

We are Available for Cases Anywhere in the U. S.

At Dabdoub Law Firm, our disability insurance lawyers have over 20 years of experience in protecting our clients’ rights to receive disability insurance benefits. We are dedicated to fighting disability claims for victims of accidents while working. We can file a lawsuit if a claim warrants. We will take every necessary step and procedure to help our clients overcome the challenges they face. Our successful litigation has taken us before many of the major insurance companies.

Our competent team of attorneys handles cases all over the United States. If you have tried, but failed to get disability benefits for a long-term injury, call on Dabdoub Law Firm. Your quality of life is important to us, and we want to help seek the insurance disability benefits that you deserve.

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