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What If I Can Work Still?

officeWorking While Receiving Disability Benefits

When you are faced with a critical decision about continuing to work or applying to disability benefits, it can become a stressful endeavor. Insurance companies often are difficult to work with, denying legitimate claims and offering payouts that are less than desirable.

The question that many individuals ask is whether they can continue to work while receiving long term disability insurance. While some disability insurance policies have a work incentive provision, it often complicates your disability claim if you are working while disabled.

If you have a disability policy that allows part-time work, your insurance company will likely calculate a proportionate loss of current monthly earnings when compared to your pre-disability monthly earnings. That proportionate loss of income will then be used to calculate a partial disability benefit payment. This calculation is made every month, thus requiring you to continuously provide updated financial information, such as earnings records.

Disability Expenses

If you have specific disability-related expenses that allow you to work, those will be deducted from your income in order to lower your earnings on paper, enabling you to make more.

Factors such as special transportation, devices to allow for mobility, among others, can help push below the set threshold and allow for work during the time you receive disability benefits.

As useful as disability benefits might be, they often are not enough to help cover the day to day cost of living. It is not only important to know what the earning limits are to continue receiving benefits, but to also have a reputable disability insurance attorney who will fight your legal battle and pursue maximum benefits.

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