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Questions About Disability You May Not Have Thought to Ask

meetingSome people think that disability law is always easy to understand and follow. The reality is that changes to these laws occur often, and qualifying for insurance is not easy for all eager applicants.

Ask more questions to help improve the outcome of your case. Review the questions that you should consider asking a disability lawyer.

Does the Disability Have to be Permanent?

To receive benefits for long-term disability, your disability has to prevent you from working in your own or any occupation. However, if your condition improves, you may no longer qualify for benefits.

It’s important to ask what type of disability, if any, you qualify for.

Do I Apply If I Plan to Be Back at Work?

You should apply if you unable t work due to your medical condition. After that, continually provide medical documents to show that you are still disabled and need benefits.

How Long Does it Take?

Many people make assumptions about how long it takes to receive benefits. An honest disability lawyer does not give you a general time span like approximately one year.

The length of time varies based on individual factors like the complexity of the disability and your lawyer's experience,.

Can I Receive Payment for a Past Disability?

Generally speaking, yes. Although your disability insurance policy requires you to submit notice of your disability within a certain period of time, our firm has successfully obtained disability benefits for clients whose claims were late.

Anyone can understand the general scope of disability insurance law. Some answers to common disability questions are common sense, even to non-legal professionals. However, you cannot assume that you know the answers to all disability questions.

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