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Short-Term Disability vs. Long-Term Disability

wheelchair Whenever you experience illness or injury, your first thought may be how you will continue to pay the bills if you are unable to work. That is a valid concern.

Educating yourself about the value of short and long-term disability will help you make decisions regarding your benefit choices at your job.

Learn whether your job offers short or long-term disability and whether employees have to pay for this coverage or if the company pays for it. Some companies pay for short-term coverage and charge the employees a nominal fee for the long-term disability coverage. Whatever the case, educate yourself as soon as possible.

Short-Term Disability

This coverage is often managed by a third-party and usually lasts up to six months. While you will need to inform your boss or the human resources department about your illness or injury, it is this third-party that makes the decisions as to whether your illness or injury is covered and if your specific case is approved.

Short-term disability coverage will not replace your entire salary. Typically, once approved, you will receive 60 to 66 percent of your regular earnings based on the last few weeks that you worked. Still, it is a lot better than receiving nothing for the time you are out. There will be periodic reviews to ensure you are still disabled.

Long-Term Disability

This coverage may be managed by another third-party and will start paying you a percentage of your wages after you have exhausted your short-term benefits. Again, an insurance company will decide if you are eligible for coverage.

Long-term disability policies are not all the same. Check yours to see how long you will be eligible for benefits. Even then, though, there is no guarantee that you will receive them. Once it has been determined that you are disabled, there will still be periodic reviews of your case.

If you are having difficulty collecting the disability benefits you are entitled to, contact Dabdoub Law Firm to discuss your case. Our disability insurance attorneys the experience you can rely on to evaluate your unique situation and determine how to proceed.

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