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Do disability lawyers handle cases on a contingency fee basis?

Do Disability Lawyers Charge Contingency Fees?

Many do, but not all. This law firm focuses on long term disability claims and lawsuits. We handle our cases on a contingency fee basis.

What is a contingency fee?

A contingency fee means your attorney’s fee gets paid only if you get your benefits from your insurance company. The fee is a percentage of the money your attorney gets for you .

Usually, a contingency fee replaces any hourly rate (pay your attorney per hour for his/her work) or retainer fee (pay an up-front cost to retain the attorney).

The benefit of a contingency fee is that you don’t pay anything up front, and generally, you pay nothing if your attorney doesn’t win anything for you. In disability insurance cases, most clients need an attorney when their benefits have been terminated or denied.

Do I end up paying more with a contingency fee?

Attorneys may charge fairly high hourly rates, especially those with a lot of ERISA experience. ERISA disability insurance disputes can take many, many hours of attorney work. Therefore, a contingency fee may be the right choice for you if you either do not have the money to pay the fees upfront or if you rather have the attorney first obtain your benefits before having to pay a fee.

Ultimately, the contingency fee shifts most of the initial risk to your attorney. Only after the attorney helps you secure benefits from your insurance company does she get paid for her work. It works very well for most clients.

Our Disability Lawyers Work on a Contingency Fee

Because our law firm has always focused only on disability insurance law, the firm has successfully represented hundreds of clients across the country. We have won disability benefits from our clients from all major companies, including UNUM, Hartford, MetLife, CIGNA, Prudential, and more.

Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, we can help you even if we are not located in your state.

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