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Disability Analyst from New York with chronic pain is denied by Sun Life

Another client is again able to rest as they deserve thanks to the efforts of our long term disability attorneys of Dabdoub Law Firm! Sun Life terminated our client’s long term disability insurance benefits early without noting any sort of improvement in her medical condition. This decision was contradictory to a previous decision to provide her with short term disability benefits for the same medical conditions, namely chronic pain. We were able to successfully file an appeal on her behalf, resulting in the reinstatement of her benefits.

Details of the Sun Life Early Termination Case

Due to chronic pain, neck and spine soreness, and dyspnea, our client was unable to continue work as a Disability Analyst II, which is considered a sedentary position. She filed for disability benefits from Sun Life, which acknowledged the extent of her medical conditions and chose to provide her with short term disability benefits. When her health did not improve but actually deteriorated with time, Sun Life inexplicably chose to terminate her benefits and prevent her from further utilizing deserved long term disability benefits.

What perplexed our team of disability insurance attorneys was the fact that no new medical evidence had been provided for Sun Life to review to reach that new decision. It somehow decided her disability that warranted short term disability insurance did not warrant long term disability insurance. When such a juxtaposition is made by an insurance company, we have to assume that either they misinterpreted the information at hand, or intentionally denied the claim without proper reasoning.

To provide Sun Life the benefit of the doubt, we got to work on collecting and compiling our client’s medical records. Multiple specialists, including a treating physician and therapist, recorded our client’s failing health across years of treatments, which were helpful but not curative to any extent. Indeed, her chronic pain worsens to this day.

In our research, we uncovered that Sun Life disregarded the medical information provided by our client’s medical providers and instead relied on its own nurse reviewer. This nurse, who did not have a direct connection to our client’s treatments and may have misunderstood the medical findings presented to her, opted to terminate the needed long term disability insurance benefits. When presented with our thorough and clearly sufficient appeal, Sun Life conceded and reinstated the benefits as needed. Our client can once again do her best to rest comfortably.

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