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Sun Life denies claim for Florida car dealership manager who suffers from chronic seizures.

Dabdoub Law Firm has successfully secured long term disability benefits in an unusually complicated case. Our client suffers from significant neurological impairments and lives in constant risk of suffering a grand mal seizure. Yet Sun Life chose to deny his claim. Furthermore, one of our client’s medical providers was largely uncooperative, demanding egregious amounts of money for copies of his medical record. Despite these obstacles, our long term disability insurance attorneys were successful in their appeal, and our client now has the benefits he has long deserved.

Details of the Complex Sun Life & Uncooperative Doctor Case

Our client was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011. Two surgeries — one in 2012 and another in 2014 — and radiation therapy were unsuccessful in completely removing the malignant growth. He began to suffer severe cognitive impairments not long after the second surgery. When another brain tumor was diagnosed, he was forced to stop going to work as a car dealership manager in April of 2017.

Dissatisfied with the thought of leaving his career entirely behind, for he loved going to work so much, our client tried to return to work in November of 2017 at a lesser paying position than before. About a month later, though, he suffered a grand mal seizure while at work that left him unconscious and unresponsive for 15 minutes. He has not been able to return to work since that attack.

In February 2018, Sun Life denied his claim for long term disability benefits, citing mainly a lack of medical evidence of his disabilities. This complication was caused in large part due to our client’s prior treating neurologist refusing to cooperate with our client and our law firm as we began work on his case. The doctor asked for several thousand dollars in order to provide a copy of our client’s medical records, and the definitive price kept changing. The unreasonable behavior of this doctor was certainly a serious obstacle, but not one we could not overcome.

Even without direct copies of our client’s medical records, we were able to collect statements from the uncooperative doctor that clearly stated he believed our client was fully disabled by his medical conditions and unable to return to any sort of occupation. The case was further complicated by an erroneous December 2017 psychiatric review of our client, despite his cognitive impairments not being directly linked to a psychiatric problem. Still, we persisted.

In a thorough review and compilation of our client’s available medical records and ample real-world evidence of his disability — such as the grand mal seizure he suffered while at work — we were able to convince Sun Life of his severe and ongoing disability. We are proud to say our client has finally been provided the long term disability insurance benefits of which he is deserving.

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