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Cigna denies Florida based RN for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Dabdoub Law Firm has successfully appealed the invalidated early termination of our client’s long term disability benefits, as originally provided by CIGNA. Her work as a delivery registered nurse (RN) became impossible after complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) progressed in her left hand and carpal tunnel in her right. CIGNA relied on the opinion of a doctor who is known to skew examinations in favor of insurers. We were able to convince the insurer to reverse its termination, and our client now has LTD benefits once again.

Details of the CRPS Benefits Early Termination Case

Our client suffers from CRPS in her left hand and carpal tunnel in her right. The two medical conditions in conjunction have rendered her completely unable to work in any occupation that requires minimal lifting and the slightest of dexterous manipulation of her hands, fingers, and wrists. Periodic episodes of sharp pain also wrack our client, further making gainful employment an impossibility for her.

Despite the known severity of her disabling conditions, CIGNA chose to terminate her long term disability status. It was discovered CIGNA had called upon Dr. Jozef Hudec, who is known among insurance attorneys as a medical provider who evaluates patients in favor of insurers. Our highly experienced long term disability benefits attorneys of Dabdoub Law Firm knew of Dr. Hudec’s reputation, and so we felt it necessary to bring this to CIGNA’s attention.

Any sort of history of biased medical evaluations aside, the current examination Dr. Hudec performed regarding our client was objectively inconsistent. The doctor acknowledges the persistent disability caused by our client’s CRPS and carpal tunnel, but goes on to say she should be able to lift 20 pounds regularly. Such an assessment flies in the face of the assessment virtually any other medical professional would reach, assuming a reasonable understanding of her medical conditions was present. He would later note that our client should be given “limited weight,” which must be indicative of a weight under 20 pounds.

Given the inconsistencies in the CIGNA-instrumented medical evaluation and the clear disabilities suffered by our client, our filed appeal was too sound for the insurer to deny. We are proud to say the long term disability benefits our client needs and deserves were reinstated thanks to our representation.

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