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One of the most common yet frequently overlooked medical conditions that can lead to disability is carpal tunnel syndrome. Millions of Americans each year will be diagnosed with carpal tunnel – also called median nerve compression – to some degree, yet few will consider the short-term or long-term disability benefits they may become eligible to receive due to the condition. Caused by a compression of nerves in the hand due to aggravated ligaments or tendons, carpal tunnel can cause chronic pain and debilitation of a person’s entire hand. Small motions like typing, using a computer mouse, or holding a pen can become incredibly difficult as carpal tunnel symptoms progress.

In today’s modern age, more and more jobs are moving towards consistent computer usage or tasks that require fine hand articulation. As such, people with carpal tunnel can find it difficult to hold gainful employment, and may need long-term disability insurance coverage to help make ends meet. Dabdoub Law Firm and our carpal tunnel disability benefits attorneys have more than 20 years of experience handling disability claims for people all throughout the country and who have all sorts of occupations. We are ready to help you file your initial claim, appeal a denied claim, or even take your case to court in either state or federal settings.

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Complications & Health Issues Associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Despite the commonality of carpal tunnel syndrome, it still remains difficult to treat effectively. Many solutions are only temporary, such as applying an ice pad to the wrist for several hours a day. Longer-lasting treatments usually involve steroids or surgery, two options that not every patient is comfortable with using. Neither guarantees a total recovery, either.

Trying to complete expected job duties with carpal tunnel will be difficult due to its persistent symptoms. Mild cases of carpal tunnel can cause soreness in the hand, moderate cases can cause pain and loss of manual dexterity, and a severe case can cause total numbness of the hand that leads to pseudo-paralysis of the affected hand.

Occupations commonly associated with the development of carpal tunnel include:

The common thread among occupations most bothered by carpal tunnel syndrome is the routine use of computers and keyboards. However, intricate manual dexterity tasks are not the only way to develop carpal tunnel. Many workers who use their hands in different capacities can suffer tendon inflammation that eventually pinches the nerves in their hands. For example, a construction worker who regularly uses powerful handheld tools is also at risk of carpal tunnel.

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Disability insurance companies often do not take carpal tunnel syndrome disability claims seriously. The prevalence of the health condition can sometimes make it seem like it is not too serious, but the truth is this only highlights the severity of the syndrome. To give yourself the strength and insight needed to take on an insurer, whether you are seeking benefits through employment-provided or private-provided disability insurance, contact our carpal tunnel disability benefits attorneys today. We can get you started down the right path with a no-cost consultation.

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This law firm was created with a single purpose in mind: to help people get disability benefits from insurance companies. With that kind of focus, millions of dollars in long-term disability benefits have been paid to our clients.

Every day, our disability lawyers work to get insurance companies to approve long-term disability claims or appeal disability benefits denials. The firm has also won several major lawsuits for disability benefits in federal court.

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Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, we do not have to be located in your state to help.

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