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UNUM Disability Claims

Our Disability Attorneys Work Tirelessly for You!

UNUM disability claims are filed every day by hundreds of people. It can be a difficult process, especially for someone suffering from a total disability. An experienced disability insurance lawyer can make a difference in getting your disability claim approved. Our law firm has helped hundreds of people with long-term disability claims and appeals over many years.

We also have significant experience filing lawsuits against UNUM for disability benefits. We also negotiate lump-sum settlements on behalf of clients. We help people with UNUM disability insurance claims in any state.

UNUM is one of the largest disability insurance companies in the United States. Hundreds of claims are reviewed at any one point. Our firm knows how their disability claim review process works.

Knowing how to respond to delays in reviewing your UNUM disability claim or a decision to deny or terminate your disability benefits is crucial to protecting your disability benefits. We use our experience with UNUM to our client’s advantage.

UNUM’s Disability Claim Review Process

The disability claim process is emotionally and financially very stressful. You expect and need your disability claim to be processed timely and be approved. However, UNUM may delay deciding to approve or even deny your disability claim.

UNUM might claim additional time is needed to review a long-term disability claim because medical records or other information has not been received from you or your doctors.

When we represent someone, our law firm sends all records with a letter from an attorney in the firm to confirm receipt by UNUM. This way, we know the company received the requested information in a timely manner.

If your disability claim has been approved, UNUM will continue to review your claim from time to time. The company may not tell you when your claim is being reviewed, but knowing what to look for can help.

For example, UNUM’s requests for information from you and your doctors will become more frequent. You may also notice them checking-in with you more frequently than before.

UNUM might also request you meet with a UNUM representative in your home for a field interview. You should know what to expect during a field interview and be prepared. If a field interview has been requested, it is likely they are taking video surveillance of you. They try to gather as much information about you as possible.

We require disability insurance companies tell us the purpose of the interview and we limit the time allowed to meet with our client. Most importantly, a disability insurance lawyer is representing you during the field interview.

UNUM’s Reasons for Denial or Termination of Disability Benefits

Every disability claim is unique and benefits may be denied for different reasons. However, UNUM denies many claims because they believe there is a lack of medical evidence. They will claim there is not enough to demonstrate your disability is severe enough to keep you out of work.

For example, imagine you suffer from a medical condition that is difficult to diagnose or the symptoms cannot be easily verified through medical testing. Because of this, UNUM’s denial letter might state there is a lack of objective evidence to support disability. This is another way of saying that your claim for disability benefits is based on subjective complaints by you. UNUM does deny disability claims for this reason, even if your doctor fully supports your inability to work.

Another frequent reason for terminating disability benefits is the definition change of disability that occurs after 24 months of disability payments. Most UNUM disability policies pay 24 months of disability benefits if you cannot work in your own occupation. After that, you have to be unable to work in any occupation. UNUM terminates many disability claims at this juncture by stating you can work in another occupation.

Our law firm has seen all the reasons for denying or terminating disability benefits. We know how to fight back for our clients. We will work closely with your doctors to put together a strong case for getting back your disability benefits. We are also prepared to take the fight to court by filing a lawsuit against UNUM.

How We Help

If UNUM has denied or is delaying your long-term disability benefits, fight back with our legal help. UNUM has lawyers, so should you. All our lawyers focus their law practice on representing people with disability insurance claims. We help nationwide with any aspect of your disability insurance claim. We handle:

Contact our disability insurance lawyers today at (800) 969-0488 for an evaluation of your case. See how we can help you get the benefits you are entitled to.

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