NFL Concussion Settlement Update

Last week, a federal judge overseeing the NFL concussion settlement denied a motion to reconsider rules changes for doctors that were approved just last month. The proposed changes will make it even harder for athletes to get paid. Although Judge Anita B. Brody’s decision wasn’t a surprise, it is seen as a “total disaster” for plaintiffs’ attorneys and represents a major victory for the NFL.

One attorney who spoke to Deadspin on condition of anonymity said some of the lawyers “are considering ways to educate and inform Judge Brody about the substantial, confounding problems with the claims process.” Another attorney from Houston, Lance Lubel, has already filed notice to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals of his intention to appeal the implementation of the new physicians’ rules.

NFL Concussion Settlement Payouts

According to the latest claims report, more than $663 million in claims has been approved and nearly $500 million has been paid to former players seeking compensation from the NFL for its manipulation and denial of the science of repetitive head trauma. These figures seem to have persuaded Judge Brody into believing the settlement is working properly.

Although serious claims involving death with CTE, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease have been approved, only 14% of claims for early and moderate dementia have been paid. This is because the settlement has its own unique definition of what constitutes early and moderate dementia. This definition is based on legalese and not medical science, an opening the NFL seized to limit settlement payouts.

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