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A Disability Insurance Company Must Consider Stress as Causing Disability

A disability insurance company must consider the effects of stress at work when evaluating a claim for disability benefits.

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Unfortunately, insurance companies often downplay or ignore the effects of workplace stress. This is a common occurrence for those suffering from heart issues. However, federal courts have regularly found that insurance companies cannot ignore the effects of stress.

For example, a federal court in New Jersey found an insured does not need to prove a percentage certainty that a return to work would pose a risk of death or serious injury so long as there is a “medically unacceptable risk,” of a future heart attack or death.

Also, a federal court in Pennsylvania ruled in favor of a claimant suffering from cardiovascular issues. The court recognized that the insured’s cardiologist informed the insurance company on numerous occasions that the insured must avoid stress at work. According to the doctor, stress would cause life threatening complications. Still, the insurance company denied the insured’s claim. The court ultimately ruled against the insurance company for the following reasons:

  • It cherry-picked the medical records by afforded too much weight to a normal stress test
  • It improperly ignored the impact of work-related stress

The following is a list of general principles recognized by federal court as it pertains to stress at work:

  • An insured is to be considered disabled if it is impossible to work without risk to their health.
  • An insured need not flirt with death in order to receive disability benefits.
  • An insurance company must consider work related stress when they contribute to claimant’s disability.

Nonetheless, it is very important your doctor’s document and opine as to the risks associated with any potential return to work. Our legal expertise can help.

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