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Is Coronavirus Going to Affect My Long Term Disability Benefits?

The good news is that coronavirus should not affect your long term disability benefits.

Insurance companies are legally required to pay your disability benefits if you are already approved and you remain disabled. Of course, you still have to meet the policy provisions to keep receiving benefits.

Most disability claims fall under a federal statute called ERISA. Insurance companies must still follow the law. Among other things, ERISA requires:

  • Long term disability claims must be decided within 45 days (but the insurance company can take up to 2 extensions of 30 days each);
  • Long term disability appeals must be decided within 45 days (but the insurance companies can take one extension of 45 days);
  • Insurance companies must continue to communicate with disability claimants.

As of right now, what we have seen is that everything is business as usual with disability companies. Unless Congress suspends the law, insurance companies cannot use coronavirus as an excuse to deny, or delay payment of, a valid disability claim.

Our Experienced Disability Attorneys Are Monitoring the Situation

We have been working diligently to ensure our client’s long term disability benefits are not affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We have implemented some measures to ensure our office runs as it normally does while following all state and federal regulations, including:

  • Being in contact with insurance companies to confirm they are still working and paying benefits.
  • We are working remotely, with staff in the office to answer phones
  • Responding to intakes in our usual timely manner

Our first priority is the well-being of our clients. We understand that you rely on your monthly disability benefits to pay bills, buy medications, and continue living. We will continue to remain in contact with the insurance companies and address any issues that arise as a result of the coronavirus.

If you have questions or concerns about your long term disability insurance benefits, you can contact one of the experienced attorneys in our firm. We will be happy to discuss your claim and the impact the coronavirus may have on it.

We represent clients nationwide with disability claims governed by federal law. Even if we are not located in your state, we can help you.

Call (800) 969-0488 to speak with an experienced disability attorney. Pay no fees or costs unless you get paid.