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How to Win ME/CFS Diagnosis Cases

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (“ME/CFS”) affects up to 2.5 million Americans. Yet, many people, including medical professionals, are not familiar with it. There is no proven cause or single lab test for ME/CFS. Because of this, insurance companies like to target ME/CFS cases for potential denials or terminations. But, it is still possible to have your long-term disability (“LTD”) benefits approved.

Will my claim be denied if I have not been officially diagnosed with ME/CFS?

No, not necessarily. Although an official diagnosis helps, it is not necessary to have a diagnosis for an LTD claim. Rather, the focus is on symptoms and how those symptoms restrict and limit you from working full-time.

I have been diagnosed with ME/CFS. Is that enough to win my disability case?

No, it is not. A diagnosis alone is never sufficient. Rather, you must provide medical evidence. Medical evidence can be medical records from your doctors, laboratory work, cognitive testing, and physical testing. All together, the medical evidence should capture your symptoms of ME/CFS and the resulting restrictions and limitations.

I haven’t done any cognitive or physical testing. Should I?

Because there is no single test or cause of ME/CFS, these claims are more challenging. Therefore, it is recommended that you get additional and independent testing to make the claim stronger.

ME/CFS has both cognitive effects and physical effects. Both can be tested and measured. To capture the cognitive impairment, you can undergo a neuropsychological evaluation. You will be administered a series of cognitive tests. Using the results of the tests, along with some background information, the evaluator will be able to determine if there has been any cognitive decline or impairment.

To measure the physical effects, you can undergo cardiopulmonary exercise testing (“CPET”). During a CPET, you will ride a stationary bicycle during which your cardiovascular and respiratory responses will be measured.

These two tests provide the kind of objective data that is hard to dispute.

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