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Understanding Long-Term Disability Insurance Company Peer Reviews

In terms of long-term disability insurance, the term “peer reviews” probably doesn’t refer to what you’d expect it to. Peer reviews are often used as a way to hold professionals accountable and to ensure that bogus claims are refuted in a timely manner.

However, that’s not what long-term disability insurance company peer reviews are designed for. Read on to learn more.

Long-Term Disability Insurance Company Peer Reviews Often Result In Denied Claims

When it comes to long-term disability peer reviews, insurance providers use their own doctors to review your medical records. Unfortunately, these reviews are often used to deny viable long-term disability insurance claims.

The peer-review doctor never speaks to you or your doctor. Instead, the doctor simply looks over your medical records in order to determine whether your claim is eligible for benefits.

This Practice Is Legal But Problematic

Even though it’s legal, this practice is problematic because your medical records are not preserved for the purpose of documenting a long-term disability claim. These documents are retained in order to track the treatment you receive from your physician.

Insurance companies know that your medical records don’t tell the whole story about your health and they use this to their advantage in order to deny or undervalue your claim.

How To Close the Loophole

One way you can help your long-term disability claim is by thoroughly communicating your long-term disability claim to your physician. Ask your doctor to work with you to comprehensively document your restrictions and limitations so that they can be found on your medical records. Additionally, it’s very important that your doctor properly completes the physician statements.

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