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How Long After I Stop Working Do I Have to File My LTD Claim?

I stopped working because I am disabled. What is the next step?

For many people, taking that jump to stop working is the hardest. Once you stop working, the next thing you should do is submit your claim for disability benefits as you will likely be without any income at this point.

When should I file my claim for long-term disability benefits?

The ideal answer is immediately after you stop working for a number of reasons. First, the LTD claim process can take several months, even if the insurance company complies with all deadlines. However, even though insurance companies have deadlines imposed by federal law, they often take advantage of people who are not represented by attorneys and take extra time to make a decision. Sometimes, they will take many months longer than they are permitted to.

Second, because the LTD process can be rather lengthy and you will not be working, you will likely be without any source of income during this period. Waiting to file your claim only means that you will be without any income for a longer period of time.

Third, all policies have time limitations as to when you must file a claim. Although each policy is different, generally, policies require that claimants notify the insurance company within 30 days of disability. After you notify the insurance company, you will then be required to provide proof of disability (known as proof of claim) within a certain time period. This can also vary from policy to policy.

I did not file my claim for disability benefits right away. Is it too late?

If you did not file your claim for long-term disability benefits within the required time frame, all hope is not lost. Although all policies contain certain time provisions, many policies allow for claims to be filed as reasonably possible. However, the more time that passes, the harder it will be. Thus, filing a claim one or two years after the date of disability is vastly different from filing a claim one or two months after disability.

To avoid any additional hurdles and headaches, filing your LTD claim as soon as you stop working is the safest way.

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