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UNUM’s Self-Reported Limitation

What is a Self-Reported Disabling Condition?

A self-reported disabling medical condition is one that is based on self-reporting and cannot be confirmed through objective evidence and testing. Objective evidence includes MRIs, X-rays, laboratory tests, and other objective tests and examinations.

Examples of self-reported conditions include headaches and/or migraines and conditions based on fatigue.

What is Unum’s Self-Reported Limitation?

It is a limitation provision in UNUM’s long-term disability (“LTD”) policy that states that payments of an LTD benefit due to a disabling condition based on self-reported limitations is limited to 24 months.

My Benefits Were Terminated Based on the Self-Reported Limitation. Does This Mean I am no Longer Entitled to Benefits?

Not necessarily. If your benefits were terminated based on the Self-Reported Limitation in the LTD policy, all hope is not lost.

UNUM has been applying the limitation broadly to cases of fibromyalgia or even chronic pain cases where there is objective medical evidence that confirms the claimant’s reports of pain. Courts have previously found that this is improper.

It is important to evaluate each case and medical condition individually to determine whether UNUM applied the limitation properly or is using the limitation to improperly deny valid claims.

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