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Tips for Winning a Chronic Pain Disability Case

Many people suffer from chronic pain. In fact, it is such a prevalent condition that September is Pain Awareness Month.

Chronic pain can take different forms and come from different sources but other times, the cause cannot be determined. When chronic pain becomes too much, it can not only affect your ability to work but also to perform activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, and even sleeping.

When submitting a disability claim because of chronic pain, there are several things you can do to make your case stronger.

The most important thing is to treat with the appropriate medical professionals. No disability claim will be successful if there is no treatment and no medical records. Treatment may include going to your primary care physician, a pain management specialist, and physical therapy. Depending on the condition and severity, sometimes treatment will also involve a surgeon.

It is also important to make sure your treating doctors are supportive. Insurance companies require doctors to complete an Attending Physician Statement form when you submit your claim. Also, insurance companies will contact your treating doctor(s) when reviewing your claim or appeal, and it is imperative that the doctors are supportive of your disability even after your claim or appeal has been submitted.

It can also be helpful to keep a symptom diary or log. You can document your level of pain, anything that made it better or worse, any treatments for the pain (such as medication), and side effects from the treatment. We recommend keeping this log for at least 30 days.

If you are taking any prescription pain medication for the pain, we also recommend submitting a copy of your prescription history from your pharmacy. This is additional evidence of treatment and the medications you are taking for the pain.

Proving chronic pain can be difficult because pain is subjective but these are some of the things you can do to help strengthen your disability case. However, it is not impossible and it does mean your pain is not very real and disabling.

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