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How to Avoid a Disability Claim Denial with New York Life

New York Life is one of the larger disability insurance carriers in the country. As such, it is one of the companies we see most often denying or terminating short-term and long-term disability insurance claims.

If you have a claim with New York Life, there are a few things you can do to help avoid a denial of your claim. While there is no guarantee of paid benefits after being approved, maintaining a strong claim file will help your claim down the road.

  1. Complete all forms timely

We often see New York Life deny short-term and long-term disability claims because forms were not completed and returned within a given time frame. This includes forms from you, the claimant, as well as your treating providers. It is important to complete and return the forms to avoid delay or denial. If you need additional time to complete them, ask the insurance company. The claims analyst will typically grant extensions to provide requested information.

  1. Provide Medical Records Supporting Disability

It is the claimant’s responsibility to prove their disability. So, while an insurance company can request and obtain medical records on your behalf, ultimately, it is on you to prove you are disabled. To avoid delays or denial, it is best to gather all your medical records that support your disability and send them to the insurance company. This should include updated office visit notes, imaging reports such as X-rays and MRI, prescription history, and physical and/or occupational therapy notes.

  1. See your treating providers regularly

A common reason for denial for STD and LTD benefits is lack of medical support. If a person does not see their doctor(s) regularly, then there aren’t going to be medical records to support disability. Additionally, it is a requirement in LTD policies to be under the regular care of a physician. Thus, it is so important to see your doctors regularly – we recommend every 3-4 months – to maintain a record of your disability.

What to Do Next

New York Life, like all major insurance companies, reviews LTD claims periodically. They request updated forms, records, and income information such as social security disability benefits. Failure to respond to, and provide, this type of information will likely result in a denial of your claim.

If you have a disability insurance claim with New York Life and are concerned about an ongoing review of information being requested, contact one of our disability insurance attorneys with expertise in disability insurance claims with New York Life.

Help from a Lawyer with Expertise in Disability Insurance

Disability insurance law is complex. Hiring an experienced disability attorney is important. Because all disability lawyers at this law firm focus on disability insurance claims, we have expertise in disability insurance law.

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