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Lincoln Unjustly Terminates LTD Benefits for Pittsburgh Electric Test Technician with Carpal Tunnel

Dabdoub Law Firm Secures LTD Benefits for Pittsburgh Client With Carpal Tunnel

In May 2022, a Pittsburgh resident employed by Siemens Corporation had no choice but to leave his hands-on occupation as an electric test technician due to chronic pain. After The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company denied him the long-term disability (LTD) benefits he deserves, our disability insurance lawyers stepped in to right Lincoln’s wrongful and unjust decision. Keep reading to learn more about this latest success in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dabdoub Attorneys Successfully Appeal to Lincoln for Pennsylvania Client

Even after approving our Pittsburgh client’s claim for LTD benefits in November 2022, Lincoln decided to turn around and terminate them just months later in January 2023. Fortunately, Dabdoub Attorney Emily Quirino successfully appealed on our Pennsylvania client’s behalf, pointing to a wealth of medical evidence to disprove Lincoln’s thoughtless decision.

“[My client] continues to struggle with his fine motor skills and chronic hand pain,” Attorney Quirino informed Lincoln. “His recovery has had some improvement, but not to the point where he is able to freely use his hands.”

The Pittsburgh resident has undergone numerous surgeries after being diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. “By May 2022, his hands had gone completely numb and he had increased pain in his neck,” Attorney Quirino adds in her appeal letter. She adds that her client’s condition was repeatedly verified by numerous physicians, in addition to letters of support from friends and family.

After a series of office visits yielding unfavorable news, our Pennsylvania client attended an appointment with Dr. Louis Komer, M.D. last February. His physician concluded, “[My patient] is not able to assemble electronics or soldering or use of hand tools. [He] is unable to work at his job as electrical engineer technician building and rebuilding train antennas. He has not recovered his sensory and motor functions to his hand after having cervical spine surgery.”

That same month, another physician confirmed, “[The patient] continues to have difficulty with fine motor movements, which I believe it contributed to his severe cervical spine pathology, as well as concomitant bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome,” another physician said that same month. I believe he will have a permanent disability due to his nerve compression.”

Our client’s son, Ryan, recalls seeing his dad struggle, noting that he sees him stumble on occasion. His wife, Sharon, shares her moving experience as her husband’s caretaker, explaining that she helps him with everyday tasks, such as buttoning and unbuttoning his pants.

“You can visibly see his balance is off, and you can visually see his hands are affected,” Sharon says in her letter. Kelsy, our client’s daughter, also notices that her father “drops things weekly” and her mom cleans it up.

Lincoln’s Termination of LTD Benefits Was Wrong & Unreasonable

Fortunately, our Dabdoub attorneys successfully appealed to Lincoln on her Pittsburgh client’s behalf, reminding the disability insurer of their ethical and legal obligations under ERISA law.

“[My client] has provided substantial evidence of disability,” Attorney Quirino concludes firmly. “We are confident that given a second, good faith look, [my client’s] continued entitlement to disability benefits will be clear.”

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