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Dabdoub Law Firm Defends LTD Benefits From Lincoln for Administrator with Spinal Compression and Migraines

A Woman in Distress 

In 2009, life took an unexpected and devastating turn for Mrs. X. It was a day like any other, until a severe motor vehicle accident left her car destroyed and her body shattered. Her world was turned upside down, and the days that followed were filled with pain and uncertainty. 

Mrs. X's physical struggles began with relentless headaches, neck and back pain, and an unnerving numbness and tingling on her right side. Determined to reclaim her life, she endured countless treatments, each one filled with hope that it might bring relief. Yet, despite her efforts, the pain persisted, and conservative treatments fell short. Mrs. X’s medical team decided she must undergo cervical spine surgery, a step she took with cautious optimism. 

For a brief moment, it seemed the surgery had worked its magic. Her symptoms eased, but eventually, the pain, headaches, weakness, and numbness returned with a vengeance, worse than before.  

Mrs. X tried to maintain her role as a practice administrator for VitalMD Group Holding, LLC. However, the demands of her job included hours of sitting and computer work, which only intensified her suffering. Her back pain and migraines became unmanageable. Tasks that once were simple became monumental challenges. Mrs. X frequently dropped items from her right arm, struggled to pick things up, and experienced excruciating neck pain when she reached above shoulder height. 

By August 2021, the progressive and debilitating nature of her condition forced Mrs. X to leave her job. Despite continual treatment from various specialists, her symptoms worsened. Pain, weakness, migraines, fatigue, and brain fog became her constant companions. In 2023, her increasing weakness led to two debilitating falls. 

Along her arduous journey, Mrs. X received several diagnoses, including spinal compression, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, migraines, cervicalgia, and lumbago. Each diagnosis marked another battle she had to fight. 

An Unjust Termination of Benefits 

In November of 2023, Mrs. X faced yet another blow in her ongoing health struggles. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company ("Lincoln"), the administrator of her long-term disability (“LTD”) benefits and life insurance premium waiver (“WOLP”), abruptly terminated her coverage.  

As a plan administrator and fiduciary, Lincoln holds significant power. It is precisely because of this power that Lincoln is held to a “higher than a marketplace” standard. They are expected to act in the best interest of the policyholders, exercising prudence, diligence, and fairness. However, in Mrs. X's case, Lincoln failed to uphold these principles, making a decision that appears incongruous with her medical condition and treatment needs. 

The termination of Mrs. X’s benefits added financial strain and exacerbated the emotional and mental toll of her condition. 

A Determined Team Steps In 

In the midst of Mrs. X’s struggle, Mrs. X found a powerful ally in Dabdoub Law Firm. Recognizing the unjust nature of Lincoln's decision, the firm took swift action to defend Mrs. X’s rights. The legal team meticulously compiled a comprehensive breakdown of Mrs. X’s condition, presenting an irrefutable case to Lincoln. 

This detailed analysis included undeniable medical evidence that thoroughly chronicled her ongoing health issues. It included diagnostic reports, treatment records from various specialists, and physical assessments illustrating the severity of her spinal compression, migraines, cervicalgia, and other diagnosed conditions.  

To further substantiate Mrs. X’s claim, the firm also gathered poignant statements from Mrs. X’s close relatives, including her daughter. These personal accounts painted a vivid picture of Mrs. X’s daily struggles, highlighting the impact on her quality of life and the unwavering support of her family. 

By presenting such compelling evidence, the firm held Lincoln accountable and ensured that Mrs. X continued to receive the benefits she rightfully deserved.  

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