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Doctors Communicating With Insurance Companies

When filing a disability insurance claim, it is so important that your doctor maintain his or her position with regard to your diagnosis and ability to work. No one knows your medical history better than your doctor. And when it comes to your long term disability claim, your doctor should be your number one supporter.

It is common for disability insurance companies to contact your doctors without prior notice to speak with them about your medical condition and its effect on your ability to work. After you submit your disability insurance claim, the insurance company will review all documents the doctor submits and may ask for additional information, including questionnaires about your medical condition and history. They may even have their physicians contact your doctor to have a discussion about your medical conditions and ability to work.

If your doctor changes his opinion about your diagnosis and ability to work, the insurance company will likely use the change of opinion to immediately deny your disability claim. If your doctor indicates you can work, even if in a limited capacity, that is enough for the insurance company to deny your disability benefits. The disability insurance company may not ask additional questions or do additional research before denying your long-term disability benefits.

One thing you can do to ensure your doctor remains responsive and on your side is to remind them that you have filed a claim for disability insurance benefits and that the insurance company may contact them at any point. When the insurance company contacts them, they need to maintain their medical opinion that you are disabled from working. If you believe your long-term disability claim has been affected by your doctor, or his staff, contact an attorney to discuss your disability case and your options moving forward.

The disability insurance lawyers at our firm are experienced with working with our clients’ doctors to ensure their disability claims are not jeopardized. In many instances, our firm is also able to rectify problems caused by our clients’ doctors. Call to speak with one of our disability attorneys today.