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Equinovarus Disability Approved By MetLife

Equinovarus disability is a form of clubfeet, and is a rare birth defect that affects one in one thousand births. Our client filed a long term disability claim for his disabling bilateral clubfeet. He suffered from the most severe kind of clubfeet called equinovarus. His disability caused a number of issues beyond just the shape of his feet.

Equinovarus disability causes the feet to twist inward and downward. The child is unable to walk normally on the sole of the foot. Instead the child has to walk on the ball, side or even top of the foot.

As our client developed, the tendons and ligaments of the foot did not grow at the same pace. This caused the deformity of the foot. He underwent over 20 surgeries to correct the condition. Each surgery attempt failed. As a result of the number of surgeries and the nature of the condition, he has developed chronic pain.

The chronic pain that he suffers will only get worse over time. The pain is not only in his feet. It is goes up through his knees, hips and even back. Because of his condition sitting or standing for longer than 30 minutes leaves him in excruciating pain. This resulted in a total disability.

We filed the initial disability claim for equinovarus with Metropolitan Life Assurance Company (“MetLife”). In the claim we provided all the medical documentation for our client’s equinovarus disability. We even included photos to show the severity of his condition. Due to the equinovarus and the chronic pain he suffers, he is not able to work.

Our client was approved for long term disability benefits after the initial claim was filed. He was also approved for social security disability benefits. This is another good example of how an experienced attorney can help ensure your claim is complete and thorough.

If you are in the process of trying to file for a disability insurance claim or have already filed one, the seasoned attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm may be able to help you obtain your long term disability benefits.

Because each client’s case is unique and has different facts, results similar to those in other clients’ cases are not guaranteed.