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Can You Get Disability For MS With Liberty Mutual Insurance?

Yes, you can you get disability for MS or multiple sclerosis. It is crucial to know that filing a disability claim, especially for MS can be tough. Specifically, Liberty Mutual Insurance can be difficult to do deal with for a MS claim.

The person filing a disability claim must make sure he or she has been properly diagnosed. They must also keep up with regular treatment with their neurologist. It is important to keep the doctor informed. They need to which symptoms are making work hard.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

MS is a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. It is a progressive disease. This means someone suffering from MS will never improve. They are forever impaired. Simple everyday tasks can be hard to do for a person suffering from MS.

Some symptoms include:

  • fatigue
  • loss of balance
  • muscle weakness
  • vision problems
  • memory/speech difficulties

Filing a long term disability claim with Liberty Mutual

Liberty will likely ask you to show up to an Independent Medical Examination (“IME”) after you file a claim. The IME will be done by a doctor paid by the insurance company. This doctor will do an exam. It is likely they will not find you disabled.

As a result, Liberty may deny your claim. This is where it gets tricky. This doctor may be biased because they are paid by Liberty. This doctor has also never met you. They do not know your history. This is why their opinion should not be favored; especially over the opinion of your attending physician.

Our long-term disability attorneys have experience dealing with Liberty and know the methods they use against those with MS. We have handled hundreds of claims, appeals and lawsuits against Liberty for clients suffering from this condition. The skilled long-term disability attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm can fight for your benefits every step of the way.