Cigna Short Term Disability Benefits Reinstated

Cigna short term disability benefits are reinstated for our client after we took over his appeal. As a result of a fall, our client suffers from severe back, neck, knee and shoulder pain. He is now totally disabled.

His Cigna disability policy requires that he is unable to perform in his own job. He had a very physically demanding job. Cigna paid his short term disability benefits for a few months before wrongly terminating the benefits.

Cigna stated that it had not received updated medical information from the claimant. Cigna then found that the information on file did not support continued disability.

This finding was wrong and not supported by the medical record. Our client treats with multiple doctors for his pain. The notes from his doctors show he suffers from radiculopathy in his neck and back. Further, multiple steroid injections have not relieved his pain. The client also suffers from bad knee pain. In fact, he has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his right knee.

His neck and back pain continued to get worse. Our client even sought treatment from an orthopedic surgeon. The MRI revealed two herniated discs. The doctor recommended neck surgery. He has not recovered from the surgery and remains unable to work in his own job.

Our client had submitted his own appeal of Cigna’s decision prior to our representation. Our firm immediately asked Cigna to place the review of the appeal on hold. This allowed us to provide more information regarding his claim.

Our firm then asked his doctors to support him in his claim for disability benefits. We submitted an appeal letter, along with records and letters from his doctors showing disability. Ultimately, Cigna overturned their decision and reinstated his benefits.

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