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Multiple Sclerosis Appeal Approved By CIGNA

Our firm submitted a multiple sclerosis appeal letter to CIGNA on behalf of our client suffering from the underlying condition as well as chronic migraines and optic neuritis. As a result of her medical conditions, she has difficulty speaking, dizziness, headaches, involuntary movements, muscle pain and weakness, blurred vision and severe fatigue.

She filed a claim with CIGNA and provided various medical evidence and doctors notes indicating her progressively debilitating conditions. Even though her medical evidence supports her long term disability insurance claim, CIGNA relied on the opinion of one medical review by a doctor who never met or treated our client to deny her long-term disability claim. CIGNA’s doctor based his opinion on two things: that her MRI revealed her lesions burden had been stable for 2 years and that her treating neurologist consistently documented an overall normal exam. In the appeal for disability benefits, we argued that neither of these reasons are a reasonable justification for a denial.

However, the medical records, when taken as a whole, clearly indicate she is suffering from a disabling condition that is worsening each day. Additionally, she had other medical issues that have made her symptoms worse and equally disabling.

Upon receipt of our multiple sclerosis appeal letter and all the supporting medical evidence, CIGNA overturned the denial and approved long term disability benefits for our client. The medical evidence we provided, coupled with the clearly laid out argument in our appeal letter, helped make the process of appealing this claim smooth and successful for our client.

Because each client’s case is unique and has different facts, results similar to those in other clients’ cases are not guaranteed.