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Duties Of A Registered Nurse Should Be Considered

The classification and duties of a registered nurse are very important in a long term disability insurance claim. When a claim is filed by a registered nurse, the insurance company may try to use a lesser classification to avoid having to pay out disability insurance benefits. It is important for the claimant to understand the classification of their occupation to ensure their benefits are not wrongfully denied.

A recent case out of Georgia helped clarify the definition and duties of the occupation of a registered nurse in terms of disability insurance policies. In this case a woman had a total hysterectomy and subsequently suffered seemingly unrelated severe pain in the back. Although the doctors could not find the cause, she had to quit her job as a registered nurse because the pain made it difficult to work. She then filed for long term disability insurance benefits. The insurance company denied her claim and then appeal, finding there was not enough medical evidence to support her claim for disability.

She then took the case to court. The Georgia court went into detail about the occupational duties of a registered nurse. A registered nurse is a medium level job. It requires occasional lifting of 20 – 50 pounds, frequent movement of 10 – 25 pounds and constant movement of things such as people with a force of about 10 pounds. By this definition a registered nurse is a very physically demanding job.

For someone who cannot lift a lot of weight or move around easily, the duties of a registered nurse would be nearly impossible to perform. It is important to understand that physically demanding jobs are often undermined by insurance companies, especially registered nurses. There are nursing positions that may require less physical activity but the average registered nurse job demands a lot.

If you or someone you know is a registered nurse who feels that the insurance company did not give the proper weight to your occupational duties and denied your disability insurance benefits, contact one of the experienced long term disability attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm. We have handled a number of cases involving registered nurses and know how to deal with the insurance companies.